What Should Pet Owners Look For in a Joint Supplement?

Most pet owners do all they can to protect the health of their beloved pet. As dogs and cats grow older, keeping them healthy and strong becomes more of a challenge. One of the biggest issues older dogs and cats face is joint issues. When the joints do not have ample cartilage, fluid movements become difficult and discomfort can follow. No pet owner wants to see their pet lying around simply because they do not feel comfortable while walking, running, and playing. Thankfully, there are pet supplements that can ease discomfort and promote healthier joints.

It is important a pet owner knows what to look for in a joint supplement so they can make sure they make the right purchase:

  • It is important the ingredients are carefully reviewed so a pet owner knows exactly what they will be giving their dog or cat. If a pet owner is unfamiliar with an ingredient, it is wise for them to carry out research so they know the benefits and any side-effects that might be experienced.
  • There are a few supplement ingredients that are recommended for soothing the joints and protecting their health. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Vitamin C are all proven to help improve the normal function of the joints by rebuilding cartilage. When these are taken on a daily basis, a pet owner can rest assured their pet’s joints will be protected so they can feel the highest level of comfort.
  • The supplement needs to be easy to administer so an owner is not struggling to get their pet to take it each dose. Some pet supplements must be mixed with food and some are not chewable, making administration problematic. Most vets recommend a pet is given chewable supplements that are flavored with meat or fish so dogs and cats will be willing to take them as if they were a treat.

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