I Found a Great Apartment Last Week

I was looking around for a week or so when I found this new apartment. The web page is here if you want to click here. The place is really awesome and I would not be able to afford it on me own. Luckily for me I have found two other guys that needed a new place. It is about thirteen hundred and eighty dollars per month, which is really only a couple of hundred dollars more than what a single bedroom apartment would cost at this place. When you split that up three ways it is a lot less than I am paying now. It is going to be great before too long, because I only have a couple of payments left on my car loan and after that is out of the way I shall be able to start saving money seriously. In the long run I am looking to buy an acre or two of land, but it is likely going to take a long time for me to find that money and the land that meets what I want.

Of course I like this place a lot more than I would have expected. So far the neighbors have been really quiet when I wanted them to be quiet, but there have been a couple of nice parties out by the pool. This place has a resort style pool, which mostly means that there is a lot of room around if you want to dance and have a big party. There is a nice gym too, which is going to be a much bigger deal when the weather turns cold in a couple of months. Right now I can go out and run when I like and it is easy to find a basketball game in one of the local parks. When it gets nasty I shall have to use the gym to work out.